It's time to step-up and man-up!

Hosted by Jason T. George, the mission of The GRIZ Podcast is to help guide, encourage, and equip Christian dudes to live the manly life that God is calling them to live.  Always grounded in Scripture ... we keep it raw, real, and relevant as we talk about God, life, faith, culture, health, fitness, sexuality, relationships, whatever!

This podcast is rated MA for Mature Audiences.

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REVIEWS from listeners

"Every episode pulls issues that men deal with out of the dark and into the light. Thank you Jason for using biblical truth to give us real tools to fight the junk in this world!"

- Avitech2210

"As a pastor, I need podcasts like the GRIZ as fuel to keep me going from time to time. Jason is practical, transparent, and relevant. He takes real and raw topics and doesn't beat around the bush. He's anchored into the right stuff ... the WORD ... and I love that about his podcast. If you're looking for a great podcast for personal growth, that calls men to be men ... listen to the GRIZ!"

- Dunkhighlander

"I know Jason personally through a couple different ministry events that we have worked together. I appreciate his clarity, sense of humor, and faithfulness to the Word. But I also appreciate that he lives out what he teaches."

- Holloway Nation

"I've had the pleasure of hearing Jason preach on many occasions. Once he gets going you don't want him to stop. He's open and honest about his own struggles and challenges you to face yours. A godly man, teaching biblically sound doctrine, who challenges you to check yourself and MAN UP! ... What more do you need?"

- Bellace222



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