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One-on-one coaching for Christian men via Zoom with Pastor Jason George.

Highly relational, gospel centered, and biblically grounded.

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Most Christian men (and even many Christian leaders) are dissatisfied with the life they're living. They often feel alone, divided, and stuck because their outer world does not align with their inner world.  Many of them are trying to overcome past wounds, trauma, and addictions on their own, but it's not working. I know exactly what it's like because that was me for many years, and I was absolutely miserable. I finally hit a breaking point when I realized that I was beginning to lose my marriage and family. That crisis of truth caused me to humble myself and reach out to some godly men/coaches for connection, support, guidance, and accountability. They helped me begin to experience freedom, healing, and growth in my life, marriage, family, ministry, and overall health.

I now strive to do the same for other Christian men. I offer one-on-one coaching for Christian men who are motivated to face and overcome past wounds, trauma, identity issues, false beliefs, and addictions. This isn't easy work and there are no quick-fixes, but if you stick with the process ... it's worth it.

My personal approach with coaching is highly relational, gospel-centered, and biblically-grounded. I believe that God and His Word are the ultimate source of authority for life, and I'm convinced that His way of describing problems, identifying their causes, and overcoming is superior to any other methods or therapy offered by man or secular psychology.

If you're interested in doing some one-on-one coaching with me, then complete the brief online application below, and I will prayerfully review it to see if we are a good fit for one another. I will respond asap.

Grace and Strength,

Jason George

Exclamation Triangle DUTY TO WARN: I have a duty to warn in regard to any information leading to suspicion or knowledge of the physical or sexual abuse or neglect of a minor ... any information leading to suspicion of knowledge of danger to a third party ... any information leading to suspicion or knowledge of suicide of client.


Getting a coach is what I needed to help fight porn in my life and I couldn’t think of anyone better than Jason. He was intentional throughout the entire process, routinely keeping me accountable and providing a safe-space for me to be real. He helped me understand not only what Scripture says, but also helped me understand the triggers that led me to use pornography. Jason is definitely raw and real when it comes to helping you fight against sexual lust/sin. I highly recommend him!

- Nate, Colorado

"I’ve really enjoyed working with Jason through one-on-one coaching. He has a very diverse life experience to draw wisdom and insight into many different aspects of coaching. Its refreshing to experience a humble and kind Christ centered approach that strengthens and challenges the sanctification process. I would HIGHLY recommend coaching with Jason for any man seeking, obeying, and trusting God with the calling in their life. Jason is doing the same and gives a front row seat to real world life in hopes to help men become who they were created to be."

- Cam, Alberta

"I started one-on-one coaching with Jason after listening to The GRIZ Podcast for about a year. I was a sexually broken man who was so ashamed of my secrets and sin. I think that for most of my life my masculinity has been targeted for destruction. Listening to Jason was like being with a friend and after a while I got the courage to reach out to him for coaching. My time with Jason is rich and has been instrumental in my healing journey. Jason is wise and real. He's kind but he challenges me. I really needed another man to speak those things into my life and now I find that I am able to give those things to my wife, kids and other men. God is transforming me and redeeming my brokenness in ways I never thought possible. I am super thankful for the opportunity to be coached by Jason."

- James, Massachusetts

"Having Jason as a coach in this fight for purity has been a much needed support. He's honest and tells you what you need to hear, which is something that we all need. He gives you tools and practical applications for navigating this life and seeking freedom. I 100% recommend Jason is you're ready to get serious about seeking God and becoming a better man."

- Ben, New York

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