Jason grew up in an extremely broken and abusive "home." When he was just 5-years old, his mother died of pancreatic cancer. Just a few months after that tragic event, his father remarried, and he was no longer permitted to see or talk to his real brothers and sister. By the time he was in middle school, Jason found himself full of hurt, anger, anxiety, and depression. He was also completely overcome by addiction. He hated his home life, and desperately wanted to run away and even struggled with thoughts of suicide. His inner-world was painful and dark, and there seemed to be no light at the end of the tunnel.


But God had a plan!


When Jason was entering the 7th grade, the constant fighting in his "home" was so bad that his father finally decided to move out, and Jason begged to go with him. A few days later, the two of them moved out, and they went to live with Jason's older brother (Mark) whom he'd not seen or talked to for over 6-years.  A few months later, Jason's father decided to move out and go live with his new rich girlfriend, but Jason chose to continue living with his older brother (who eventually became his legal guardian). 

As one of the only white kids in his local public school, Jason literally fought to fit in. His 7th and 8th grade years were a continual struggle. So his older brother worked to make a way for Jason to attend a large Christian high school in the same county where they lived. Even though attending a large Christian high school was a bunch better environment for Jason, his heart remained dark and full inner turmoil.

But God had a plan!

One day, during his junior year of high school, Jason was sitting in a chapel service with his girlfriend and a few of his other friends from the football and wrestling team. They were listening to a guest speaker (Evangelist, Rick Gage). Typically, Jason was bored to tears with school chapels and speakers, but on that day something (or someone) got his full attention ...  

"That day in chapel when Rick Gage was speaking ... that was the day God woke me up. That was the day that something definitely changed inside of me. It was like ... all-of-a-sudden ... Jesus meant something to me, and I actually wanted to start living for Him. So that's what I started doing ... and that's what I've been striving to do for the last 27 years of my life. I've definitely made a lot mistakes as a follower of Jesus ... I don't have it all-together ... I still got a lot of issues that I'm working through ... but I'm not the same person. God's changed my life!" 

Not only did God rescue Jason from a life of inner darkness and despair, He also began a beautiful process of healing and transforming him from the inside-out. Over the last 25 years, God has miraculously used Jason's story to bring hope and healing to thousands of young people. His life is a living testimony of the reality of 2 Corinthians 5:17 ... 

"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come."


Jason regularly speaks at school assemblies, youth camps, concerts, men's events, churches, etc! He is also the host of The GRIZ Podcast - a weekly talk show that's all about helping boys become men, and helping men become better men. 

He and his wife Stephanie have been married for over 21 years, and they have three crazy kids: Autumn, Noah, and Gabrielle (and a big fat yellow lab named Ruger). The Georges live in Huntingtown, MD.

If you're interested in having Jason speak at your event, please fill-out our online booking form, and Jason will prayerfully review your request and get back with you promptly.