Jason serves as an itinerant evangelist and teacher with Narrowtrail MinistriesHe also leads a weekly home bible study and support group for men, and he's also the host for The GRIZ Podcast (an online talk show designed to help boys become men and to help men become better men). When he's not doing ministry stuff, he works a regular job for Reichard Home Improvement and Handyman Services. Over the last 25 years, God has graciously allowed him to share the gospel all over the country, and even over seas. In his preaching and teaching, he highly values gospel clarity. He loves helping people not only understand the truth of the gospel, but also how it can transform their lives from the inside-out.

Apart from Jesus, the best part of Jason's life is his wife Stephanie. They’ve been married for over 21 years, and God has blessed them with 3 kids: Autumn (18), Noah (15), and Gabrielle (12). 

In 1997, Jason earned a Bachelors Degree from Liberty University with concentrations in Youth Ministry and Biblical Studies. During his college years, he served at Wabanna Camp & Conference Center (a Christian youth camp in Edgewater, MD). After graduating college, he served as a youth pastor for over 15 years in Maryland, New Jersey, and Missouri. In 2010, he founded Narrowtrail Ministries. He's also an ordained minister of the gospel.

Jason deeply enjoys hanging with family and friends, reading good books, hiking, hunting, fishing, mountain biking, working on home and yard projects, watching the Dallas Cowboys, eating good sushi, and drinking strong coffee!