"Jason George is a tour-de-force when it comes to addressing the needs of today’s men. His authentic and raw style draws you in as you encounter the grace and truth of the Gospel. He will challenge your men to go deeper as he openly shares his journey and ongoing transformation in Christ.” 

- Roy Baldwin, Executive Director at Monadnock Christian Ministries in Jaffrey, NH

"His honest and vulnerable messages during our high school retreat had a genuine impact on our students and faculty. The response from the students and faculty was overwhelming. Athletes, musicians, academics, and outcast all seemed to connect with Jason."

- Kevin Fry, Administrator at King Christian Academy in Callaway, MD

"I've listened to Jason teach students. He is a gifted communicator of Biblical truth, and balances deep doctrinal teaching, with strong and practical application. He is uncompromising in holding up the banner of God's love in the Gospel, while still calling sinners to repent, and believers to follow hard after the Lord. Your students will definitely be challenged and encouraged."

- Brody Holloway ... Founder and Director of Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters and Teaching Pastor at Red Oak Church in Andrews, NC

"Jason did an excellent job communicating God's truth through powerful stories and illustrations! He was easy to work with, connected with our youth (both on and off the stage), and more than anything ... he has a heart to come alongside you to help your audience know and experience Jesus Christ!" 

- Jeff Hughes ... Pastor at Union Chapel in Muncie, IN

"I'm impressed with Jason's dedication to his calling and his seriousness about sharing the gospel. God's hand is on him, and I'm proud to call him my friend." 

- Clayton King ... Teaching Pastor at Newspring Church in Anderson, SC ... Author and International Speaker

"Jason is the kind of guy I'd want my son to have as a Youth Pastor." 

David Nasser, National Speaker, Author, and VP for Spiritual Development at Liberty University

"Jason is a strong communicator who wins over students with a very authentic approach while offering rich application from Scripture."

- Andy Needham, Ministry Director at Berea Church and Lead Singer of Andy Needham Band

"When it comes to speaking to teenagers, Jason George is as good as it gets. I’m not just saying that because I like Jason. I’m saying that because my very own children sat under his teaching for a middle school camp, and couldn’t stop talking about how much his teaching made a difference in their lives and challenged them to take their faith to another level." 

- Matt Walls ... Lead Pastor at Southside Baptist Church in Kathleen, GA

"Jason is especially effective at communicating the Gospel to today’s youth, which is no easy task in this postmodern world. He also makes the extra effort in spending non-meeting time with the campers, which I believe is part of why he connects so well with them."

- Jon Bisset ... Executive Director at River Valley Ranch in Manchester, MD

"Jason George has one focus and that is effectively getting the Gospel message out! He captivates his audience and speaks directly to their hearts."

- Orin Redmond ... Youth Pastor at Riva Trace Baptist Church in Davidsonville, MD

"Jason is one of the few speakers I would trust to address such an important topic as sexual purity. When he taught his Call of Purity series for our Disciple Now Weekend it was right on target. Our students appreciated the Biblical context he provided, the openness with which he shared, and the direct approach he took."

- Allen Acker ... Associate Pastor of Students at Leonardtown Baptist Church in Leonardtown, MD

"As soon as I met Jason, I recognized that he is very serious about our Lord Jesus Christ and the Good News of God's saving grace. I am blessed to know a brother like Jason who truly lives for Jesus and shares his heart with discernment and clarity." 

- Tim Byrne ... Professional Freestyle Skater and Evangelist

"I have brought Jason in as a speaker for two youth conferences now. Both times he exceeded my expectations. What sets Jason apart is that he is honest, a great communicator, professional, flexible, and brave enough to talk about the rough realities and sins that teenagers face everyday. I highly recommend Jason for any youth conference or rally."

- Mike Abruzzo ... Student Pastor at Eudora Baptist Church in Eudora, KY

"Jason is a powerful communicator whose commitment to the Gospel and Biblical teaching is clear. His messages were used of God in the lives of students and adults alike as he grabbed attention with story and humor, then challenged the status quo with a uniquely strong application of God's word."

- Josh Wyatt ... Founder and Lead Pastor at Charles River Church in West Roxbury, MA

"What makes Jason a treasured asset is his ability to contextualize Biblical truth to the culture of his audience. He has the intelligence, conviction, (and even some needed humor) to present God’s word to any audience in a way that fosters understanding and application."

- Dr. Derek Grigg ... Lead Pastor at Harmony Baptist Church in Rogersville, MO

"I respect Jason so much that I booked him not once, but twice this year for both our junior and senior high retreats. The students and staff loved him! Jason not only shares timeless truth, but unpacks subjects that many are afraid to touch. He does it with class and the spirit of Christ. 

- Frank Shelton ... International Speaker/Evangelist

"Our church put on a camp in Southern Missouri in late April. Jason spoke at all three of our services and did a phenomenal job! He does a wonderful job connecting with the students on their level. We had students from 7th grade to college and they all loved him!"

- Mindy Pinckney ... Youth Pastor at Life Church in Ava, MO

"If you're looking for an on-fire youth speaker who delivers God’s Word without compromise, I highly recommend Jason George. He won’t water it down!"

- Jim Posey ... Pastor to Students at First Baptist Church in Crawfordville, FL

"Jason has been gifted by God with a unique ability to reach teens with the message of God’s love for them. He tackles the hard topics that teens face and then points them to God’s Word for solutions. The students see his heart and see his love for them, as well as his love for God."

- Lynn Conahan ... Former Administrator at Baptist Regional School in Haddon Heights, NJ

"He did an amazing job at customizing his teaching to fit our group. He was relevant to the culture of our group and God was able to use him to change the lives of many of our students."

- Jim Gray ... Middle School Pastor at Southside Baptist Church in Warner Robins, GA

"Jason is the real deal. He's humble, transparent, and clearly communicates the Gospel message. God clearly moved through him, and we saw one of the greatest responses to the Gospel that I've seen in my last ten years of student ministry." 

- Rick Nicely ... Former High School Pastor at Spotswood Baptist Church in Fredericksburg, VA

"My students were challenged with the Word of God, and I was personally challenged, convicted, and was so thankful for what Jason said, and the realness and simplicity in how he said it." 

- Jon Schock ... Pastor of Family Ministry at Grace Community Church in Marietta, GA

"We asked Jason to speak at our church's worship services and he hit it out of the park. His message was anointed, riveting, and relevant." 

- Vic Simpson ... Former Lead Pastor at Emmanuel Church in Huntingtown, MD

"Jason is very clear, very direct, very Biblical, and very pertinent. Teens can be tough critics, but they know when someone is genuine and they know a good teacher when they see/hear one. Jason George is both." 

- Jon Nazigan ... Director of Word of Life Ranch and Ranger Camp in Schroon Lake, NY

"I have never seen so many teens so engaged and focused for that long a period of time when someone is speaking, and especially around a campfire. I appreciate Jason being so authentic. All of us were challenged." 

- Rich Aspenberg ... Youth Pastor at Mission Point Church in Somers Point, NJ

"Jason was a highly valued member of our Bethel staff. He is an excellent communicator of the Word of God, not only to students, but also to adults. He has a great balance of the seriousness of life, but a good sense of humor."

- David Cortner ... Lead Pastor at Bethel Baptist Church in Cherry Hill, NJ

"Jason is a gifted communicator and his passion for God and His Word is undeniable. He has a genuine heart for students and the ability to connect with them on a real level. I really appreciate the honesty and transparency in his messages."

- Steven Shaddox ... Minister of Music at Crescent Valley Baptist Church in Tahlequah, OK

"Jason has a relevant, Biblical, and gospel-centered style of communicating God's Word to today's youth. His honesty, authenticity, and uncanny knack for being real and up-front with students make him an invaluable asset in today's mission field we call youth ministry."

- Nate Cook ... Site Director at The Retreat at Norwich Lake in Huntington, MA

"When he starts teaching, all can’t help but to listen to every word. It is truly evident that the Lord works in him and through him."

- John Colwell ... Lead Pastor at Cornerstone Fellowship Church in Erial, NJ

"Jason promotes hope and salvation in Christ to a hardened generation. If you want to really impact your youth, then book Jason George, and watch what God can do through this servant." 

- Benjiman Hulburt ... Christian Rap Artist

"In the course of my work as a pilot for Air Force One I have had the opportunity to meet Presidents, World Leaders, Business CEO’s, Celebrities and other well-known Christian Speakers. With that said if I only had one person, other than my wife or I, to choose for my own children’s spiritual well being, I would pick Jason every day of the week. Jason’s leadership, integrity, and desire to fulfill God’s plan for his life are above reproach. I consider it an honor to be able to call him my friend." 

- Mike Grenke ... Former USAF Presidential Pilot for George W. Bush

"It is very evident that Jason has a strong desire for students to know TRUTH. He speaks it unashamedly and unapologetically. That’s it - no fancy words - no shallow talk . . . just the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth." 

- Dan Steele ... Director of Marketing at River Valley Ranch in Manchester, MD

"Jason knows its not all about him. He would be the first to remind you he is nothing but a great sinner that has been saved by a Great Savior. He teaches the Scriptures for what they say rather than what he wants them to say."

- Rob Pilkerton ... Former Church Planter and Lead Pastor at Redeemer Church in LaPlata, MD

"God totally used Jason's messages to bust open barriers ... helping many of our students see their dangerous sin patterns, but also showing them how Christ can redeem, restore, and renew their hearts - minds - and lives!" 

- Todd Denison ... Youth Director at Heritage Bible Church in Princeton, MA

"My friend and brother, Jason George is authentic, and the greatest thing about Jason is he lives for the fame of Jesus and not himself. Jason will challenge your students to grow deeper in Christ."

- Josh Meadows ... Evangelist and Teacher